Why You MUST Track Your Training

If I told you to go do something reasonably complex, that required you to do track specific numbers, and progress these numbers each and every time you did this complex task, would you write these numbers down, or try and memorize them? Because I think maybe 5-10% of the people I see in the gym are actually tracking their exercises and their weights, sets and reps on a regular basis.

Maybe 90-95% of people just have amazing memories and can remember everything single set and rep they do for months on end… Yea, I don’t think so either.

When you train, and have a goal in mind. You need to make sure your training is logged. This is an absolute requirement if you’re trying to get stronger. You need to know how much you’ve progressed. Because if you aren’t progressing when your goal is strength, your program ain’t working! And if you are trying to gain muscle or lose fat, you should have some sort of data points to show how much strength you are gaining, or god forbid…. Losing!!!!

In this videos you’ll learn about:
– Why you need to log your lifts to track progress
– What info to track in your log
– How to track mindset with your log book
– How you can analyze your log book to make better decision in future training programs
– How you can use your log book to make changes to your training in the future to keep a program alive for a longer period of time
– And much, much more.


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