The Top 5 Lifts For a Fat Burning Resistance Program

Everyone loves “lists.” So here is my favourite 5 lifts that should be incorporated into any program where melting bodyfat is the goal.
1. Deadlifts. Preferably with a barbell, but dumbbells are a reasonable substitute if you are a novice. A lot of coaches also love single leg barbell or dumbbell deadlifts (DL’s). For athletes single leg DL’s are great. For the regular 40-50 year old client who works behind a desk all day, they will be more a nuisance.
If you have a competent trainer, then yes, you can do single leg DL’s. I’ve seen far too many people doing them with a round back though. Start bilaterally, and progress to unilateral if you wish. Remember, if you’re doing it bilaterally, unilaterally, with a barbell or dumbbell, keep your low back arched!
2. Squats. There are three variations that would work well for fat loss. Back squats, front squats and box squats. Depending on your circumstances, these can all be used.
Back squats will challenge your whole body, yes your whole body, not just your lower. Front squats will give you a little more core activation due to the location of the load. Box squats are a posterior chain dominant exercise. Box squats are excellent because it really helps the trainee to learn how to sit back while squatting.
3. Pushups. You thought I was going to put bench press here didn’t you? Pushups are easier on the shoulders, and easier to learn than the bench. So it is a logical part of a fat loss program. If you truly don’t have access to any bands or chains, and can pump out a hell of a lot of pushups, then find a new gym!
Just kidding, if I had to only do weighted pushups in the gyms in my area, it’d be next to impossible. If you can buy bands or chain though, you can make pushups incredibly difficult.
4. Chin-ups. I realize a lot of people can’t do chins and that’s ok. You should strive towards doing them though. Besides, if you are losing weight, you will have less and less weight to lift!
If you can’t do a chin, use bands. [youtube]gLMA9dMUQDA[/youtube] You can also use the assisted chin-up machines, but bands are much more useful because they take advantage of accommodating resistance. They help you the most at the bottom where you are at a mechanical disadvantage, and let your take over at the top where you are strongest. Just to make sure, you will need to use a heavier band if you’re weaker. If the heavy band is to easy, use a medium, and so an and so forth.
5. Table Push-Backs. Pretty self explanatory. These should actually be numero uno.
As you can see the best fat burning exercises are also the exercises that are the best at putting muscle mass on you. What is the reason for this you ask? If you’re planning on losing weight, you will want to retain lean mass as much as possible. Doing 15+ reps doesn’t do jack shit in terms of muscle retention. So pick exercises you can progress on, and lift heavy!

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