The Programming Mistakes Of The Weak And Small

I wrote a few days ago about the three biggest mistakes people make when they are trying to build strength. I neglected to mention programming in that article. Programming is a huge issue that people have. Generally the programs I see no longer worked in the first place, or have ran it’s course and need to be switched out.

Many novice to intermediate lifters don’t put enough if any effort or thought into their program. They find something in a magazine or on some shitty web site and they hammer away at it for long periods of time. Some see results, but most do not. This is for those who are not seeing results and are at a loss for what to do next.

In this clip I’ll be covering:

  • How to assess if your current program is doing what it intends to
  • Methods to continue with your current program if it isn’t working
  • How to transition to a different program

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