The Need For Diet Structure

One of the biggest problems I see in people who are interested in changing their dietary behaviours is a lack of structure. You are self-sabotaging yourself because you simply have no structure. You eat 1 meal one day. The next day you have 4 snacks. The next, you have a high calorie, high sugar beverage and eat out twice.

Then rinse and repeat.

This lack of structure causes havoc because you have no sense of direction.

After watching this video you will know the reasons that dietary structure is important, you will understand what areas of your lifestyle need to be planned for using this structure, and you will get much better, much faster results because of this.

Here is what you will learn in this video:

  • How to deal with situations where you binge eat then find yourself struggling to get back on track
  • The need for dietary structure
  • The need for planning, and preparing for roadblocks
  • Why people have different roadblocks and self-sabotage in their own way
  • Why structure isn’t composed primarily of dietary restrictions
  • Why dietary structure helps you deal with dietary allowances and dietary awareness
  • How to develop structured meal times
  • When you need to have multiple “structures” for multiple lifestyle factors
  • A quick case study dealing with a client who had issues on the weekend
  • And a lot more!


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