Nate 28, Doorman and Ex-Football Player
I asked my friend Kyle if he could aid me in my goal to lose fat that I had gained for playing football for 10 years. At the beginning of my journey I weighed 290 lbs and my goal was to get as fit as I possibly could. Kyle taught me how and what to eat and how to train properly to achieve what I had set out to do. With in the first couple weeks I noticed a difference and by the third month I had lost an extraordinary 65 lbs with intense cardio and proper eating! Once a week on Sundays I treated myself to a cheat meal. Kyle is an incredible trainer and consultant who can motivate as well as educate anyone who he trains if they take the time to listen.

Nate’s awesome results. 290 to 225.

Judith, 63, Nurse
Training and receiving nutritional advice from Kyle Grieve over the past year has helped me make many changes for the better in my health and well-being.
Nutritionally I am no longer interested in eating sugar. I have restricted chocolate to once a week. I am eating a lot less wheat and dairy and finding these changes manageable . I have lost over 15 pounds and plan to lose more.
In the gym, I have noticed that trainers often have clients do cardio on machines while the trainer chats to the client. Not Kyle. He thinks cardio on machines is fine to do on your own time. When I am with him, he gives me 100% of his attention and I work with; weights, mats and equipment, nonstop. Cardio gets done, believe me.
I really enjoy using the kettlebells. I hoist them around and feel my core being activated. My posture has to be good to balance the weigh. I find kettlebells to be a fun alternative. Kyle checks my form and comes up with lots of new ways to use this piece of equipment.
Traditional gym routines are still around but Kyle has researched all the new stuff and his knowledge of anatomy is phenomenal. He keeps up to date and that keeps me interested and stimulated. He uses a journal for my program and modifies my routine regularly. At first I did 2 exercises then a break, now its’ 3 and a break, sets and reps vary as I progress.
Most trainers do sit ups and crunches. We never do that. The reason is because it isn’t safe for the spine. Kyle also makes sure I do glute exercises. A big muscle, and we usually only think about it if its too big or drooping, but it has major functions and so should be strengthened. These exercises look funny and your butt reminds you of all that the attention the next day…
I leave the gym feeling stronger and refreshed. I sleep really well, without any twitching or aching in the am. For older people with sedentary life styles, the benefits of such a program are well documented. Just do it.
Kyle is always encouraging, never judgmental, and totally committed to the well being of his clients.
John, 55, Lawyer
I’ve been training with Kyle for over six months now and while I find it hard to
believe, I actually look forward to my twice weekly “torture” sessions with him.
That is our little joke: while the training sessions are very physically demanding, that’s because Kyle knows I want them to be. Over the past six months and without really even
trying I’ve lost two belt loops and about 15 pounds. I also know that I’ve
converted some fat into muscle.
Kyle challenges my 55 year old frame every session, but is ever mindful of my
limitations. In particular, I’ve got virtually nothing left of my right knee with no
cartilage and a 20 year old medial collateral ligament replacement which combine for
significant arthritis. Notwithstanding this, Kyle has found great ways to
strengthen my quads without over stressing my knee.
It seems that no two sessions are the same, but after the time I’ve spent with Kyle
I see there truly is method in Kyle’s madness. It never gets dull and I’ve learned
numerous different ways to work the different muscle groups and in particular the
core. As a senior lawyer, I don’t really need a heck of a lot of upper body
strength, but as a former logger I still like to give my 20 and 23 year old sons a
run for their money. Kyle has focused on the core, but I’m certainly strengthening
the upper end as well.
Kyle knows exactly what he’s doing when we train and is clearly knowledgeable on the
nutrition end of things as well. I’ve only had one nutrition session with him but
he throws in helpful hints while I’m sweating through my next plank.
I can highly recommend Kyle. He’s demanding, but fun and the 60 minutes goes by in
a flash. Thanks.
Travis, 25, UBC Student
“My training sessions with Kyle are phenomenal. His philosophy of actively engaging the client based completely around their needs was a breath of fresh air in a world filled with top down learning. Not only did I feel actively engaged, his endless depth of knowledge gave me insights into my own body I never thought possible. My experience left me with both answered questions and new questions to be answered. The positive effects of my training session with Kyle were felt in far more places than just the gym. It left me with a new approach to my body that was nothing short of remarkable. After only 3 sessions I begin to see large improvement in my knee, which has ailed me for years. I completely credit Kyle and his remarkable ability to communicate his endless wealth of knowledge for this improvement.”
Chris, 24, UBC Student/ Former Collegiate Football Player
Chris has gone from 304lbs to 272 in 3 months.
Chris is talking about my methods for reaching his fat loss goals using behavioural-based goals to reach his outcome goal, as well as how he prefers this method over a meal plan.
“The behavioural-based methods work better for two reasons. First the behavioural-based method allows you to eat a number of different things, offering a choice, as well as flexibility in the day to eat whenever a person is hungry. Secondly, the behavioural-based method lets a person establish good eating habits for the future despite whether a person is on a meal plan or not. I believe it is easier to follow and to succeed because it gives me set guidelines instead of mandatory meals that become redundant, and boring.”