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Welcome to my site. Just in case you were wondering, I specialize in strength, conditioning, and body composition for busy professionals. This start-up guide is meant to guide you to articles that my readers have found most helpful.

I like user friendly articles, which teach my readers while simultaneously entertaining them. Some people write long-winded boring, but highly informational articles. You might find some of my older stuff fits that mold, but as I’ve grown that’s changed drastically.

If you’re here you’re most likely interested in a few things that I’ve written about extensively: fasting, strength, conditioning, and fat loss. I have studied these topics very closely and remain studious on these subjects. They are the ones I’m most passionate about and the subjects that I’m asked about most often.

So let’s get started.

Everyone is always interested in fasting. Whether it’s people who are interested in how I eat, or clients looking to incorporate fasting into their life.

1. A beginner guide to the benefits of fasting
2. For those of you worried about losing muscle while fasting, you will definitely want to check out The Myth Of Starvation Mode.
3. I get a lot of questions regarding decreasing meal frequency. Things like “will I lose muscle?”, “can I still gain muscle while reducing meal frequency?”, “won’t I be hungry all the time?”. This article on my own forays into fasting is backed by research as well as anecdotal evidence.

I like to think of myself as the guy when it comes to strength. Getting my clients strong brings me more happiness than it should (or maybe just the right amount?). I love it.

1. By far my most popular article on my blog was a vlog on how to get stronger by lifting lighter weights. That’s not a typo, and you will most definitely learn something from this short video if you’ve ever gone through a strength plateau.
2. 5 Reason You Aren’t Jacked. Self explanatory.
3. Even though I truly do not enjoy squatting, I do squat. I’ve squatted quite often as well. Many lifters are interested in adding squat frequency to their training. This is the article you want to read to get started on that path.

When it comes to fat loss, I have a very performance-based outlook on things. I don’t just want my clients to go from fat to skinny. I want beautiful transformations of aesthetics and strength. If my clients lose fat and also lose strength, I honestly feel I’ve failed them. The body is capable of some truly amazing things, if you are willing to push your potential.

1. My second most popular article was all about everyones most hated macro: carbohydrates. I sought out to seek an objective look at if carbohydrates truly make you fatter than other macros. Check out what I found here.
2. One of the best articles I wrote about the fat loss process was a troubleshooting guide to counting macros. This article gives you multiple angles to begin your macro counting days efficiently.
3. This 3 part series I did on calorie balance is an absolute must read for those looking to alter their bodyweight. It’s split into 3 instalments, maintenance, weight loss and weight gain. You can access all three articles from here. I strongly recommend reading and understanding all three.

Those articles will get you on your weight to being strong and looking leaner and more jacked. If you are foggy on any issues of any of my articles please comment on them with your questions and I’ll get back to you. I answer all questions (including trolls, if they’re good enough).

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