Random Friday

I’ve been a busy lately, so this is going to be short. I’m taking this “Random Friday” idea from a couple other coaches I highly respect. Mike Robertson and Mark Young are the guys and they both have excellent blogs. Anyways, here are a few things on my mind:
1. If you follow bloggers, use Shrook. It’s basically an RSS reader. You can put all your favourite bloggers into categories, then you can sift through all new blog entries. Very useful.
2. I really wish they had more gyms that catered to my crowd. I realize most people don’t really want to be near guys who are a bit bigger than usual, lift more weight than normal people. It’s just annoying when I’m lifting, and I feel like I’m breaking laws because I’m lifting more than 2 plates per side. I wish a powerlifting oriented gym would open up in Vancouver, but I think I’ll just keep dreaming…
3. I just got a TRX today. I’ll admit, when I first saw it come out, I thought it was another fitness fad. I thought it was another useless piece of junk that might be popular for a while before people realized it didn’t do much. I eventually tried one out, it’s humbling to say the least. I also saw that a few other coaches I highly respect were using the TRX and that they found it effective. I’m a proponent of using body weight exercises, especially for beginners. So I’m excited to implement it into my programming.
4. People need to understand progressive overload a bit better. Progressive overload means the gradual increase in stress placed upon the body during exercise. There are many ways to do this: increase weight, increase reps, increase sets, decrease rest periods, change tempos. Unfortunately, I see people in the gym doing the same thing year in, year out and not getting any results… I wonder why that is?
5. Quit curling during every training session. The best gains I ever made was a 3 month period in which I gained 20 lbs. I’m not trying to brag about that, all I’m saying is that I got bigger arms and I only did some form of curl variation 3 times every 2 weeks. Bottom line: can the 50 sets of curls and focus on compound exercises like deadlifts, rows, chins, bench, military presses, squats etc.
6. Ladies!!! Don’t fear the compound exercises listed above. They are the best mass builders, but they are also the best strength builders. They are more challenging than machines, but provide a lot of variation and are fun to perform. You will not turn into a she-male if you perform those exercises! Hypertrophy is mainly a result of a mixture of weight training and nutrition.

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