Log Your Numbers Damnit!

Short post for Thanksgiving here. Sorry for the lack of content this week. I’ll get some good stuff up for you all next week. Anyways…
I rarely see people with log books when they go to the gym. I suppose they could have excellent memories… Although I highly doubt it. They’re most likely just going to the gym to go through whatever program they memorized from a magazine.
Well folks, I guess I haven’t gone over this topic much but you need to do better than this if you are looking to progress. Whether your goal is fat loss, or muscle gain, you should be logging your progress.
In terms of fat loss you may try to do as much work in as little time as possible. If you never know how much work you are actually doing, then you won’t be able to increase your workload over time! If you know how much work you did on one day, and you actually keep track, then you will know how many more reps or sets you need to do in order to progress.
In terms of muscle gain, you need to know how much you lifted in each session. If you aren’t following the principle of progressive overload, you simply won’t progress past newbie gains. If you want a truly impressive physique, you need to add weight to the bar. If you don’t know how much weight you are lifting, then how are you supposed to progress?
I go over progressive overload and log books more extensively in my book The Ultimate Beast. Stay tuned.

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