Lifestyle Changes and Fat Loss

One of my favourite coaches (who is also Canadian) just published an interesting blog post. In it he describes three key lifestyle changes he implemented into his life to lose 16 pounds in 7 months.
Here are the changes he made in his words:
“I started biking to and from work each day when the weather turned good enough to do so, and began running outside training sessions twice a week through the river valley.
I started to prioritize my workouts each day, which focused on high resistance and low reps for strength gain. Each workout was about 30 minutes, and I managed to get 4 each week, whether I felt like it or not.
I cut back on sweets and started eating snap peas like they were going out of style.”
All he did was make three simple changes to his lifestyle and he shed 16 pounds. Those are some good results. You could argue that he could’ve done it faster, or burned more fat in that time period, but that isn’t the point I’m trying to make. He was able to reach his goals rather painlessly by only making a few small changes in his lifestyle that resulted in good changes in body composition.
What lifestyle changes are you implementing to get your desired physique?

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