Increasing Volume for Strength and Size

Have you been going to the gym and seeing great progress in terms of strength and size, but now you’re noticing that you’ve plateauted? You keep working your ass off, but your workouts just aren’t progressing and the lack of results is starting to piss you off?

I want to give you another tool that you can use to fight this from ever happening again. I want you to have a better understanding of what you can change in your trining in the future so that you can still progress without even necessarily lifting more weight! So not only will you be laying the groundwork to get way stronger, but you will be limiting your injury risk to heavier loads as well!

In this video you’ll learn:
1. How volume drives muscle size.
2. How inceasing your work capacity is a large key to getting stronger.
3. The steps To increasing volume by utilizing back off sets.

Here is a simple 6 month progression for someone who can lift ~100x5x5:
Month 1:85x5x6-8⁣
Month 2: 90x5x7-9⁣
Month 3: 95x5x10-12⁣
Month 4: 100x6x6⁣
Month 5: 100x6x8⁣
Month 6: 100x5x10-12

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