Idiot’s Guide To Cutting Calories

What are the simplest methods for cutting calories?

  When it comes down to it, reducing bodyweight comes down to either:

  1. Decreasing Calorie Intake
  2. Increasing Energy Expenditure
  3. A mixture of the two

 We’ll be dealing with numero uno here. If you are trying to adjust your lifestyle to make some room for fat loss, inevitably you will have to reduce how much you are eating. I have two main methods that I like to teach my clients because they are simple and easy to follow and understand.

  1. Reduce meal frequency.
  2. Reduce portion sizing.

 Pretty simple right?

 Let’s go over some of the details of both of these options


Reducing Meal Frequency

 In order to  reduce meal frequency we must first have an awareness of how frequently we are eating. If you don’t have some form of structure to your diet this simply won’t work. If you are eating twice on Monday, five times on Tuesday, and everywhere in between from Wednesday-Sunday then removing a meal probably isn’t going to do much for you.

 If you do have structured meals then this can work wonders for you. You simply begin by removing a meal or snack from your daily meal intake. The key here is to not sabotage this method by adding additional calories during the other meals of the day to compensate for what you are now missing. So you will need to try and keep other meals/snacks the same size.

 For the biggest effect, you can remove the largest meal of the day. I’d recommend easing into this, so removing your snacks, or smallest meal of the day is probably your best bet. This way you won’t be removing large portions of your daily intake. Work up to that point if necessary. Keep things easy.

Reducing Portion Sizing

 This is the simplest way to reduce calories and will work for nearly everybody. With this method you can still eat pretty much the same foods at the same frequency and just make a few small adjustments to what you are eating regularly. Please keep in mind here that I am not a proponent of low-carb diets, however it’s factually accurate that most people consume too many processed garbage which is composed largely of carbohydrates.

 So the first step will be to reduce the portion sizes of carbohydrates on one or more meals. If you completely remove this from all meals, you will find this hard to adhere to for a long period of time. Instead, reduce your carbs sizing by 25-50% for the 3 biggest meals of the day. Then as you progress, you can increase that to all meals, and begin increasing the reduction size to 50-75%. In the incredibly rare instance that your carbs are already quite low (less than 100g/day) you will need to begin cutting your fat calories using the same method discussed above.

 When it comes down to it there are a myriad of ways to lower your calories, but when it comes down to all the methods out there, you are simply decreasing your calorie intake. These two methods cover pretty much everything you can do without worrying about low carb diets, hit fat diets, the cookie diet etc.

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