Exercise Variation: Frequency For Results

When I see certain clients current exercise regimen, it’s more of a sporadic, ADHD ridden, randomized training program. Not what you want to achieve good results. The sad fact is a lot of people go to the gym and expect to be entertained. They want to have more random workouts.

I understand doing the same thing over and over can be boring, and it’s definitely possible to get some results doing random exercises all the time. But if you want to focus on a result, you need to be comfortable with mastering certain movements. You also want to make sure you’re progressing on certain movements. If you are constantly rotating exercises, you have no objective way to measure whether that movement is progressing, or if you’re just going around in a circle.

In this video you’ll learn:
1. Doing something in the gym such as a random WOD is still much better than doing nothing in the gym.
2. How to optimize results by understanding the need for objective progression methods. This means that exercises can’t be swapped out on a weekly basis.
3. The need for technical proficiency in a training program.
4. Improve your understanding of how to improve this technical proficiency with your lifts.

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