Cookie Cutter Nutrition Sucks!

I’ve seen cookie cutter training programs, so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that there are also cookie cutter diet plans. I will admit that cookie cutter diets might work, for a matter of months. However, for the most part they only work for a matter of weeks or even days!
As Dr’s Arya Sharma and Yoni Freedhoff say, the best weight is the whichever weight you can sustain while enjoying your lifestyle. I completely agree with their statement. When you pick up a magazine and see a diet plan written by “Who Knows,” you are on a diet that is the authors ‘best weight.’ It’s not your best weight!
You may be able to go on their cookie cutter diet for a month or so, you may even see the results you’re after. Unfortunately, if you aren’t enjoying the lifestyle changes that you are making in order to reach your fat loss goals, you won’t sustain your weight loss. You will most likely revert back to your old lifestyle, the one which had you in pant or dress size that you just didn’t like.
If you are looking for diet help, find someone who works with you as an individual. Or else you will find your results are going nowhere fast. You need to discover small lifestyle changes that you can sustain. Something like adding 30 minutes of exercise per day isn’t realistic. Adding one day of 30 minute exercise per week is a lifestyle change that I think everyone could do for an extended period of time.
It’s the continuous addition of lifestyle changes that will produce long-term fat loss. Yes there are many other obstacles, but this is generally one of the best ways to achieve body composition goals.

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