Kyle Grieve is a BCRPA personal trainer working in Vancouver, B.C.  Although he’s played numerous sports such as hockey, basketball, mma, and mountain biking. His current passion is in Jiu Jitsu. An avid powerlifter, and in only his second competition he took the bronze medal in Canadian Nationals in Raw Powerlifting in 2013.

Kyle’s certifications include:

Russian Kettlebell Certification

Functional Movement Screen Level II

Precision Nutrition Level I

These are the certifications that he is most proud of because they took a great deal of work to complete.  After spending thousands (of dollars and hours) on seminars, textbooks, research articles, online material, and training clients, Kyle feels that’s he’s learned a lot, but the learning never stops.  He is also proud to be an evidence-based coach who stays away from faddish diets and exercise protocols that infect the fitness industry.

Kyle’s passion is helping clients achieve strength and aesthetics that’ve only dreamt of, and sustaining them.  Do you have the following goals:

  • Gain ridiconculous amounts of strength
  • Lose slabs of fat
  • Be built like a brick shit house, with performance to match

Then you have found your trainer.

Many trainers will put your through the circus with no clear direction and tell you to go home and “eat healthy”.  Kyle will give you tough training sessions, where you learn the why’s of what you are doing rather than just being led like a circus bear.  Need nutritional guidance? Kyle will use his wealth of knowledge to give you the ammunition to use food to destroy fat, or add large amounts of muscle while being as strong as an ox.

P.S. Kyle not only talks the talk, but walks the walk: