A Note On Creatine Use for Novice Trainees

You may have read my blog post on how to properly dose creatine a few days ago. If you do take creatine, I suggest you check it out over here. This isn’t article isn’t aimed directly at creatine, but at supplements in general.
If you are brand new at lifting weights, you have no right to use supplements. Why? You will progress at the beginning no matter what. You will gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously. No supplement in the world (that’s legal) will do this for you at any point in your training life. So why would you waste money on shit you don’t need when you begin training?
Unless you have a decent amount of strength or have plateaued, you simply don’t need to use creatine or other supps. If you have a decent training program, you shouldn’t plateau for at least 3-6 months after beginning resistance training. So wait until that period to start experimenting with creatine, beta-alanine and all that fun stuff.
I have nothing against supplements (that actually work, and trust me, their aren’t many that work) taken by people who might benefit from their use. I don’t get why some 6 foot 18 year old with pipe cleaners and chicken legs needs to spend 2-300 bucks per month on supps that won’t help him. Spend that money on food; buy a book that will teach you how to train; or hire me and I’ll make you a program that will work.
Tirade over.

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