3(ish) Reasons You Need To Increase Your Protein Intake NOW

You’ve been crushing it in the gym, your numbers have gone up, you’re feeling great about your gym performance. But you ask yourself “why aren’t I gaining muscle?” and tell yourself “why am I busting my ass in the gym so I can work towards my dream physique that seems so far away?”

Whether you are looking to burn fat and retain lean mass, add some lean mass to your frame, or keep your bodyweight in maintenance but add some more strength, I can pretty much guarantee you, your protein intake is inadequate. In this video I’ll be covering some major reasons, you need to add protein to your diet to ensure the best possible results.

1. Protein has both muscle sparing effects and muscle accumulation potential.
2. Protein is the most metabolically expensive macro to digest. Meaning you burn more calories digesting the stuff when compared to carbs and fats.
3. Improved satiety and performance.

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