3 Strength Workouts

Landmine Pressing FTW

Interested in adding some pounds to your lifts? Want to add muscular size? Want to keep your muscle on you while you diet?

Tired of doing the same thing in the gym over and over again and not seeing any tangible results?

Here are 3 workouts you can do today to help you build your strength and physique!

1. SilverBACK Gorilla

You trying to build your deadlift and want a massive back? This is a super simple way to start getting results. Lots of deadlifts here mixed with a heavy dose of heavy back exercises is all you need!

A. Barbell Deadlift (conventional or sumo. Do whatever you prefer) 6×4 @ RPE 8-8.5
B1. Deficit Deadlift 4×8 @ RPE 8
B2. Chin-up 5×5 @ RPE 8-9
C1. Back Extensions 4×15 @ RPE 8
C2. Single Arm Dumbbell Row 3×10 ramping up in weight, 1×20 with a weight you can only do 10 with


2. Squats for Dayz

If you’re looking at the training below and think this will be easy, then you aren’t staying true to the RPE chart. Doing 3 squat variations in one workout is incredibly taxing on the body. If you can get thru this and still feel like you need more, you are simply going to light.

But if you want to build your squat, build quads, or build an amazing booty, this will get you there.

A. Barbell Back Squat 5×8 @ RPE 8
B1. Front Squat 4×5 @ RPE 8-9
B2. Pull-Ups 4xMAX
C. Pause Squats 5×3 @ RPE 8


3. Pressing Matters

I know this will probably be the one you gravitate towards. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want an amazing chest to go along with a strong bench press?

But I left it last on purpose so you’d have to see that training is more than just beach muscles! But try this one, you’ll like it.

A1. Barbell Bench Press 5×6 @ RPE 8.5
A2. Bent Over Barbell Row 4×8-10 Adding weight on each set
B1. Bench Press with 2 second pause 1″ above chest 4×3 @ RPE 8.5
B2. Pull-up 4×8
C1. Single Arm Landmine Press 5×5 @ RPE 8-9
C2. Dumbbell Pullover 4×15 @ RPE 8-9
C3. Band Curls 4xMAX


Notes on Exercise Order:

  • Letters and numbers denote exercise pairings.
  • If a letter has no number attached to it, it’s to be done by itself.
  • If the letter has a number attached to it, start with 1, then a short 30-60 second rest, then do 2 etc.. Rest as needed and repeat.

RPE Chart:




Questions about anything above? Leave them in the comments section!!!

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