Dealing With Slower Than Expected Fat Loss Rates

Have you embarked on a fat loss journey and have clear goals with a set timeline? Then you might be using a fat loss rate to help determine what your weekly goals are. This is an excellent idea and something that I do with all my clients. One of the problems that can come up is when you aren’t necessarily hitting your weekly goals for fat loss, but you’re still losing weight.

I want to go over some mindset business on that end and look at why this happens in a broad sense.

I’ll be covering:
– How weight fluctuations can play havoc on your expected results and how to deal with that
– Why you should still be celebrating your progress even if it isn’t as fast as you want it to be!
– Why your weigh-ins are important and how to make them more regimented to remove confounding variables.
– And a tonne more

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